Data SIM card-only

WIZIFI service is available and offered even without WIZIFI device.  Optionally, Data SIM card-only service of Unlimited Fast 4G/LTE Internet access could be ordered and used directly by customers’ devices, e.g. their smartphones, iPads, or tablets.

One, or more, WIZIFI Data SIM card(s) is sent to customer together with all the required information for installing, activating and using that with his own device(s).  Customer’s device should be a proper mobile equipment and capable to use a 4G, 3G, or 2G Data SIM card.  WIZIFI Data SIM card supports all the available cut formats (Standard, Micro, Nano).

At the end of rental period, the WIZIFI SIM card will be blocked and cannot be used or re-activated any longer.  The customer does not have to return the card at the end of his rental period.

WIZIFI Data SIM card is operational only within Greece and cannot be used at any other country.


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